reveals how to eliminating the health effects of smoking in an expert-written article including dietary tips for heavy smokers.

The self-help article is the first that teaches smokers what dietary changes to make, what foods to eat, which beverages to drink in order to counter the effects of the smoke inhaled and improve their health. Author Emma Miah reveals the role of food and herbs in eliminating noxious residue accumulated inside the body because of the smoking habit. Along with this, she mentions the best herbs that can fight the effects of tobacco and all the additives in cigarettes.

The piece further explains how a diet rich in certain key nutrients can lead to positive change and reverse some of the damage done by smoking. Emma Miah, a health and lifestyle writer and blogger, proves a thorough understanding of smokers' issues and of the health effects of tobacco. The recommended diet is also known to decrease the risk of getting various types of cancer, including colon cancer.

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The SelfGrowth.Com diet focuses on key nutrients that strengthen the body, at the same time making it more apt to eliminate the toxins all by itself, without the need of other detox protocols. Besides nutrients, it includes cleansing and purifying agents. The changes described can also help repair and renew the affected tissue, thus preventing the early aging caused by smoke. In the long run, the recommended diet can not only erase the side effects of smoking, but also help eliminate the habit.

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