Federal Reserve of GOV IUKAC bank.


Dukedom grand dollar and Denarios. In. 2021. The federal reserve continue improve our monetary system.  We add a few features to our money currency.

Our 2 currency banknote.  Is ready for the market.  We have a new version of GOV IUKAC empire , Denarios. For now dukedom grand dollar stay without change. But we continue improve. Our honor currency.  In this season. We continue development. Probably in 2021, we do it too. Coin of our currency.  We work in that. We have the preliminary design.

Our government continue work.  And we can exchange or buy bitcoin with our grand dollars or Denarios.   We work to introduce in. Real estate market.. Car dealer.   This is a money business. The price  market.  More high since of December.   Variable. More high 3.15 dollars usa or 2.62 euros  by 1 dukedom grand dollar.  More slow  2.57 dollars usa, /2.14 euros .by 1 dukedom grand dollars.  Denarios price now is 2.51 dollars///2.09 euros, by 1 dukedom grand dollar. More high 3.00 dollars usa///2.50 euros, by 1 denario.


Our GOV IUKAC stock market is variable. We continue to work. We can offer a share over the counter too. For that need contact us.  Our federal reserves of GOV IUKAC bank continue improve our monetary security system.  We don't have a lot currency. However we will continue work in 2021 in our monetary project. For fund a few project of our government and our organization participant and pay wage salary too. We work in this.. We will continue to do it press release about our market.

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