GOV IUKAC Empire continues work with your diplomatic corps to make bilateral agreement to our government and our Organization. The diplomacy of GOV IUKAC Empire increases every day. We offer diplomatic id diplomatic passport, diplomatic plate for our ambassador, consul and diplomatic people of our nation.

We have Diplomatic Economic Council of the Federal Reserve of GOV IUKAC Empire. With Banknote Of Sahara And Oceania, Dukedom Grand Dollars & Denarios .

For our diplomatic plate we have our 2 first plate run in Houston. The reason is we have enclave nation of our nation in that area. Our enclave nation is part of our nation inside of USA territory. Be kingdom house. But we still work in Sahara to establish our first city. New San Juan (Nuevo San Juan) diplomatic affairs pages are a new division for diplomacy in GOV IUKAC Empire and all organization friends. We have IDWN Security Council (International Diplomatic Worldwide Nation). This organization works for diplomacy and human right. They have international court all merber is volunteer. We try to get fund for this organization. Also have a IDWN diplomatic plate for ambassador consul and others. We organize our project and organization to work better.

Also we have citizen of GOV IUKAC or second citizen New Spain Citizen. New Spain have the plate we will use in a few Hispanic Country And Territory New Spain.

All people who want to become part need apply. Faster application for naturalization for USA Citizen, Puerto Rico, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Nigeria, Austria UK , Colombia can get approved faster.

To get your document approved faster, other countries need apply and wait 6 months to get approve. However we can offer naturalization resident card.

Ambassador of other Organization can become part of our state by special treaty approve so we can work together.

For more Information contact us

Executive Office of King Ludwig Falkenstein
[email protected]

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