Our newspaper is a great opportunity to advertise to all diplomatic missions and other organizations. We have a great newspaper design for our nation GOV IUKAC Empire and kingdom of New Spain. The goal is to help create diplomacy with other diplomatic people. For the diplomacy of GOV IUKAC Empire and IDWN and all our nobles.

The ministers now have a tool to make diplomacy. Other diplomatic missions are welcome to participate in our newspaper. We share our newspaper in all embassies and diplomatic mission and a few local places, locally in USA and probably in the near future in Europe. We also have the e-newspaper in Spanish language too and one e-newspaper in English for people who would like to download the pdf file and print or read online.

Diplomatic affairs are part of ambitious project of diplomacy for GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of the crown UK, and UK New Spain. All diplomatic mission or diplomatic organization or state that wants to make diplomacy with us is welcome.

You can contact us and we give offer of the newspaper. You want post diplomatic press release or article. You can send to us to our office and we will examine and approve. Real estate or car dealers are also welcome. The diplomacy is very important for us; we want to continue making bilateral agreement and multilateral agreement for our royal house. We intend to print about 2500 newspaper and share in different embassy and other diplomatic and local office. This is new for us, however we will continue to make diplomacy and continue the education and training for our people so as to create a policy and protocol international and create our protocol for GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of the crown UK & New Spain.

Visit https://enewspaper.makemynewspaper.com/3ec2ec18ff6437/2020-08-04-diplomacy for more information.

TEL 1 346 325 7706
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