San Diego, California – Get Nugg is a website through which you are enabled to order medical marijuana delivery from your favorite local dispensaries. All you have to do is to enter your address or zip code inside the search line and in couple minutes you will find dispensaries nearby to your location. If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, you can also get it online on Get Nugg website for only $39.

The strongest medicinal plants around the world are banned or under strict control. They can’t be sown or harvested without special permission. This is hemp and poppies. Taboo exists because the active substances of these unique plants in the long run change the person's personality for the worse. With short-term use, alkaloids of the narcotic flora exert a salutary effect on various body systems. Opioid analgesics are now synthesized in factories, and conversations and studies have continued for the last ten years in search of an answer to the question of whether mankind needs hemp.

Medical marijuana is a product of processing cannabis with a high content of biologically active substances, which are used in therapy on the recommendation of a doctor. The hemp plant is known as a medicine since ancient times. To include or not include cannabis in the generally accepted list of herbs is an open question. Preparations from marijuana suppress nausea and vomiting, restores appetite after chemotherapy and in patients with AIDS. Some combinations of active components of cannabis are able to anesthetize or immobilize. The recreational use of marijuana is prohibited or sharply limited throughout the world. But in a number of countries, natural or synthetic cannabis preparations are permitted for medical use. These acountries are Canada, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Finland, Portugal and also several US states.

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