10, July 2017: Many professionals would like to have an MBA, but the lack of time as well as considerable financial investment is hindering many of them. That is why team of " Management & Marketing Universal Business School" (which located in Edinburgh, 42B Haymarket Terrace, UK)have created: A one-year online MBA International program, Compressed in 30-60 minutes / day on average, and at a reasonable price of (only 1190 € for the whole year). This program is for those who do not want/cannot spend a lot of time and money for an MBA, But who would like to have concrete knowledge in business and administration of a company. By studying about half an hour a day you will master the art of business!

To learn more about this organization, we interviewed Thomas R. Comyn, the Head of Education Department of Management & Marketing Universal Business School.

Introduce yourself in a few words

I worked in consulting area for 10 years and I wanted to get into the online entrepreneurial adventure.I found Management & Marketing Universal Business School at the end of 2012 by recommendation of Daniel Roofman (CTO), Whom I knew from Edinburgh, where I lived for 1 year. As an experienced specialist in education sector I have started to upgrade the existing M&MU Educational platform. We subsequently launched a new platform with updated programs, in September 2013. It was the new start for M&MU Business School!

How did you come with the idea of creating affordable MBA?

Noting the exorbitant prices of training courses in "business" around the world (This is even more true for MBAs, Master of Business Administration that can reach $ 150,000) as well as the sacrifices needed to obtain them. (“Full time” MBAs require 1 or even 2 years, during which the student cannot work, and Executive MBA or "part-time" are often as expensive and are not accessible to people with already existing obligations. We have decided to create an online offer at a reasonable price that is compatible with a professional life.

Introduce your education system (concept) more to us. What is all about?

Our M&MU Business School is 100% online. The course is delivered by experts from each field through an educational platform specifically designed for an optimal learning experience. Our students, who are professionals with 2 to 15 years of experience, have access to a study material (textbooks, videos additional components relevant to each course), as well as a test that verifies their achievements. At the end of the program students receive a verifiable digital diploma. They can add this diploma to their LinkedIn profile or order a hard copy of document and proudly hang it on the walls.

According to you, what is the added value of your concept?

We do not perform complex selections for entry; we highlight the knowledge acquired by our students. The accessibility, the interactivity of our courses and the possibility of keeping a job and a family life/social life has made more than 10000 students from 53 different countries to quickly approve our solution.

Do you have projects in mind? Do you plan to deploy new features/tools? If so, can you tell us more?

The M&MU Business School is a fast growing organization. We continue to recruit tutors to create engaging courses for our students. Our ambition is, in the long term, to be the world leader of the MBA online for less than 3000 euros, in order to allow many people who cannot afford an MBA to have concrete training in business administration.

Thanks to Thomas for answering all our questions.

Kind regards,

Newsman Jonathan Leroy

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Roselyn Apyag,
Organization: Management & Marketing Universal Business School
Phone: +441316080561
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mmu-bs.com/

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