(Mass Media Release) Cooks are always on the lookout for new and innovative recipes and Perfect Cookbooks is the place to go. The website offers over 100 cookbooks from which to choose to make any gathering a delicious endeavor.

Perfect Cookbooks is so confident you‘ll love their cookbooks, they‘re offering a free download of “999 Awesome Recipes.” To obtain your cookbook, simply visit the website at http://perfectcookbooks.com/download-the-free-cookbook. Just enter your name and email address. You‘ll have instant access to recipes ranging from Beer Margaritas and Purple Cow Smoothies to Thai Noodle Salad and Zippy Praline Bacon. For a special treat, try the watermelon cookies!

Perfect Cookbooks offers a variety of unique theme cookbooks featuring a vast array of recipes. For dip lovers, there’s “700 Dip Recipes,” perfect for cocktail parties, tailgating or entertaining at home.

Beer lovers will find a different recipe for every day of the year featuring their favorite beverage in “365 Recipes for Beer.” Any dish can benefit from a bit of beer. You‘ll find recipes that integrate beer into the preparation of lobster, rabbit, Irish Stew and even pickled eggs.

Studies have shown garlic has distinctive health benefits and “500 Garlic Recipes” will show you how to get more garlic in your diet. The book is full of recipes to tickle the tongue and keep vampires away to boot. In its pages, you‘ll find such recipes as Garlic Escargots, Garlic-Kissed Tomatoes and Garlic Lime Chicken.

Soup is an integral part of every weight loss plan, but a steady diet of soup can become boring very quickly. That won‘t happen with “1600 Soup Recipes.” Offerings range from soups suitable for a light lunch to more hearty dishes such as Hearty Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Express. To compliment the soup cookbook, there‘s also “400 Sandwich Recipes” for a soup and sandwich lunch. You‘ll be amazed by what can be placed between two slices of bread. For those who want to add some greenery to their lunch, don‘t overlook “Salad 365,” with a different salad for every day of the year.

Just about everyone loves cake, and for those with a taste for sweets, Perfect Cookbooks offers “2400 Cake Recipes” and “100 Cupcake Recipes.” Virtually any cake-based recipe imaginable is included in these two books.

For a sheer taste sensation, nothing compares with the richly decadent recipes found in “400 Cheesecake Recipes.” For lovers of a crisp, flaky crust, try one of the recipes in “2000 Pie Recipes.”

Perfect Cookbooks didn‘t forget about favorites for the kids when they compiled their cookbooks. They’ve brought together a massive collection of cookies in “2000 Cookie Recipes.” Before the kids have dessert from the cookie cookbook, make them a pizza from the “Family Pizza Cookbook,” featuring over 400 recipes. You‘ll never have to order out for pizza again.

There are some esoteric offerings, too, such as “The Ketchup Lovers Cookbook.” Featuring over 800 recipes containing ketchup, you‘ll be able to add ketchup to anything and no one will complain. Just tell them you found the recipe in your cookbook.

All the Perfect Cookbooks are reasonably priced. You‘ll have a wide array of dishes from which to choose, ensuring you‘ll never lack for a tasty meal. All cookbooks are available for download in .pdf format. You can start by getting your free “999 Awesome Recipes” cookbook.

Free Cookbook
For more information, visit free cookbook at: http://perfectcookbooks.com/download-the-free-cookbook. Or contact [email protected]

Website: http://perfectcookbooks.com/download-the-free-cookbook

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