DoYourData Releases Data Recovery Software to Rescue Deleted Data

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DoYourData Software, the famous data recovery software developer, releases Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 for global users to securely recover deleted or lost data from hard drive and storage media. The improved data recovery software also can recover lost data when the computer is attacked by virus (such as WannaCry) or the data is encrypted by ransomware.

Do Your Data Recovery has been awarded as the best ten data recovery software in the world by TOPTENREVIEWS.COM. “DoYourData is a great example of nearly everything a data recovery program should have. In our tests, it had nearly perfect recovery results, and it features an easy-to-understand interface.” — TOPTENREVIEWS.COM.

The 5.7 version allows users more easily to recover lost data from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, SD card, external hard drive, etc. It newly supports to recover lost data from Windows Server 2016 system. DoYourData also improves raw recovery to help users recover more lost files from crashed file system or hard drive.

In these days, lots of computers are attacked by WannaCry virus, and so many PC users lose their important data due to ransomware. Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 can help users whose data is locked by ransomware to recover lost data from this disaster. The steps are very simple:

Step 1: Download and install Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 on computer.

Step 2: Run Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 to scan the hard drive where the data is lost or locked.

Step 3: Export the data to a secondary hard drive.

Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 offers deep scan option so that users can recover all lost files from hard drive or media device. The deep scan mode can find every recoverable file on hard drive or media device. When a PC is attacked by virus or ransomware, Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 can help in recovering lost data that deleted or locked by ransomware . Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 also can help Mac users to recover lost data under macOS or OS X.

Download Do Your Data Recovery 5.7:

Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 Windows version:

Do Your Data Recovery 5.7 Mac version:

About DoYourData Software:

DoYourData Software is a professional software developer which is dedicated to providing complete and safe data recovery software and Mac/PC utilities for individuals, enterprises and business users worldwide. It supplies global users with excellent data recovery programs under Windows/OS X and wonderful Mac/PC utilities, as well as provides data recovery software for iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery, storage device data recovery. To get more information, please visit

Contact person: Bryan Deng
Company: DoYourData Software
Address: Shenzhen, Guandong, China

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