Z-SYSYTEMS has recently started a provider program to connect patients and expert ceramic implant dentists aimed at improving people’s smiles and bettering lives with a more natural option for tooth replacement.

29/10/18- Clinicians and researchers are always looking for new opportunities to improve existing treatment modalities. Whether it is better durability, higher levels of predictability, more cost-effective treatments or more esthetic results, dentistry is constantly changing and evolving. After years of metal and titanium implants, the world is starting to embrace ceramic dental implant which is generally known to be an area of specialization of Z-SYSTEMS.

Z-SYSTEMS is a dental implant company that offers ceramic dental implants that are a more natural, metal-free and permanent option for tooth replacement. Their ceramic implant is strong and can last a lifetime, they are white and never show through the gums, and do not cause any adverse reactions in the body, furthermore, they are gentle on the tissue and do not cause the tissue to recede or inflame.

Z-SYSTEMS is one of the first ceramic dental implant solutions to go through an extensive process and receive FDA certification. The company does not only have the original FDA approved two-piece ceramic implant but also, they continue to be the leader in innovation in the ceramic implant market and will continue to create products that improve the lives of their patients. Their dental implants are resistance to wear and tear corrosion. Other unique features of their dental implants are exceptional hardness, high fracture resistance, low thermal conductivity and ivory coloring similar to that of the natural tooth.

Z-SYSTEMS’ introduction of the provider program for dentists that offer ceramic dental implants ensures that more people get access to this more natural, ceramic tooth replacement option.  Due to his expertise and many years of experience, Dr. Joseph Sarkissian is well equipped to offer the best service that is second to none in the industry.

The company has gained a lot of positive reviews, leaving people smiling better and happier. Dr. Joseph Sarkissian said; “Most health-conscious consumers of today prefer and welcome the metal-free option that Z-SYSTEMS zirconia implants provide."

To learn more about ceramic dental implants in the Los Angeles, CA area,  visit www.ceramicla.com.

About Dr. Joseph Sarkissian
Dr. Sarkissian received his dental degree in 1989 from the University of Goettingen in the former West Germany. He then went on to practice in the Mediterranean, on the island of Cyprus. During his time there, Dr. Sarkissian devoted himself to training in homeopathy and completely abandoned the use of amalgam (mercury) fillings while also expanding his knowledge in the biological aspects of therapy.

In 1998, Dr. Sarkissian moved to Los Angeles and received his license to practice in California. He currently owns a state-of-the-art biological dental practice in Glendale, California. His services include oral surgery, digital same-day dentistry for crowns and on-lays using CEREC technology, laser dentistry, non-extraction orthodontics, and metal-free dentistry for all ages using biological guidelines. He uses ozone and PRF in conjunction with all his surgeries.

In 2011, he embraced zirconia implants in his practice and chose Z-systems implants as the zirconia implant to offer to his patients.

Contact Information
Company Name: Sarkissian, DDS Holistic and Biolgical Dentistry
Contact Name: Dr. Joseph Sarkissian
Phone Number: (818) 334-2712
Website URL: www.ceramicla.com

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