Our Federal Reserve of GOV IUKAC bank took the decision to work in ground and use internet of course. But it will use different resources like Magazine, Newspaper, Flyers, and others to promote our stock market. All our shares and currency banknote- Dukedom grand dollar and Denarios will work. People trust in our banknote. In the last 2 months in more of one year we keep stable the price of our currency. Our currency is used in our Kingdom and we use it to pay our people. We continue the development and we have our currency for 2022. Kingdom of York, GOV IUKAC, in second semester of 2021 we launch a new series. Grand principality Wesler ( El Dorado) and other Denario for special uses. We continue to  make economic diplomacy. We have the GOV IUKAC Empire sovereign check and our route number. For GOV IUKAC we continue improve our currency banknote and our economic system.

We invite to invest in our currency and use it in your market. And continue to Improve. You can buy bitcoin and other currency. Our payments are manual. But we can uses check or certificate. We work to improve our financial instrument.

We can use to pay in the commerce.

For merchant become part of provider. Contact us.

We establish an enclave nation in one city. In that city will use it.

Our currency is open to the market. For go in other foreign market we have our certificate of share for people who use it in other market. That depends on the law of each nation. But we respect international format.

Our Federal Reserve of GOV IUKAC Bank or GOV IUKAC Stock Market.

We will continue more press releases about our last news.

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