Eagle Technology announces the introduction of real-time CMMS KPI and Data Analytics reporting. The enhanced reporting includes analysis of data collected by assets, work orders, labor and material history, and costs to improve maintenance effectiveness and efficiency.
Milwaukee, WI - CMMS solutions company, Eagle Technology, Inc. announces the introduction of their enhanced real-time KPI (Key Performance Indicators) reporting capability. With the right KPI’s, an organization can flawlessly manage their assets and know if they are practicing healthy maintenance habits.

KPI’s are used to track performance in several areas over time and indicate when an organization is operating inside or outside of acceptable levels. The enhanced KPI reporting includes analysis of data collected by assets, work orders, labor and material history, and costs. These useful maintenance KPI’s also drive reliability growth and guide maintenance organizations’ decisions for improving maintenance effectiveness and efficiency.

The enhanced KPI reporting works in conjunction with Eagle’s powerful CMMS suite, Proteus CMMS. Eagle provides a suite of CMMS software that streamlines and automates maintenance, asset, and preventive maintenance operations. The CMMS software suite has been designed for organizations of all sizes, offering a simple but highly efficient way to track and manage important data associated with numerous assets, locations, and inventory.

With a mission to revolutionize maintenance operations, Eagle offers their maintenance management systems as cloud, SaaS, or on-premises systems. What really makes Proteus CMMS stand out is the flexible, customizable solutions offered, which can be tailored to address very specific needs.

“Eagle realizes that each customer has different needs for KPIs, so Eagle offers a set of standard KPIs valuable to (or recommended by) most maintenance departments. Eagle realizes that industries such as discrete manufacturing, process, consumer goods, food processing and different type of facilities; will have different requirements. In addition, Eagle offers consulting services to discuss best practices, KPI requirements review, and custom KPIs.” Said Harshad Shah, CEO and President of Eagle Technology, Inc.

Companies use Proteus CMMS to maximize their return on investment through reducing downtime, energy reduction, cost reduction, real-time data capture, accurate budget data, labor optimization and tenant satisfaction. The enhanced KPI reporting capabilities of Proteus CMMS will put any organization on the road to predictability and help them achieve their maintenance management goals.

About Eagle Technology
Since 1986, Eagle Technology has been a leader in development and sale of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. To date, they have had over 3,000 users in 34 countries, and have developed partnerships with companies like Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Trane, and Tridium. These partnerships have enabled Eagle Technology to promote, manage, and service customers worldwide.
For more information, visit www.eagleCMMS.com and follow us on Twitter at @ProteusCMMS or on Facebook @eagleCMMS.

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