Earth Composter is very pleased to announce that they are providing home composting and garden compost today. It is a fact that recycling organic waste using home composting is a great way to help the environment and save money on buying bags of fertilizer or composed mix. Composting reduces landfill waste and provides a nutrient packed natural fertilizer for the garden. Collect all the biodegradable matter from in and around the house.

Only use biodegradable matter such as newspaper, woody materials, egg shells, vegetables, fruits, tea leaves, coffee, kitchen scraps, grass and leaves. Avoid garden waste that has been treated with chemicals or that is diseased. Cat and dog waste is not encouraged because it smells and carries too many parasites and diseases. A green and clean healthy fertilizer is what most people are aiming for. Composting requires a good balance of organic waste, temperature, moisture, soil and air is highly needed for a good decomposition rate.

A good compost heap will generally produce natural fertilizer for the garden in just 3-4 weeks. Odor from compost bins is normal; it shows that the composting cycle is working. Just make sure the area is clean, has good drainage and gets some sunlight to warm it. Larger pieces of organic waste take longer to break down, so it might be an idea to use an old blender for the kitchen waste and use a mulcher on the garden waste.

Layering the waste between small amounts of soil helps breakdown the matter. Adding a little water to moisten each layer without making it wet. Finally, turn the compost every few days to allow air flow and prevent clumping. It is true that home composting is an excellent way to help the environment by returning recyclable organic waste to the land. Ultimately, home composting is better than any other way of disposing of domestic organic material and is the most environmentally friendly way to process garden and food waste.

The final product from the decomposition process, mature compost, has significant environmental benefits when used in the garden, both as a fertilizer and for organic weed and pest control. Earth Composter is here to offer their clients with professional home composting services that come with a reasonable price rate.

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