Guangde, Xuancheng, China — Bothbest produces bamboo wall cladding that are excellent for the outdoor protection of a building. Made from stranded woven bamboo, the wall cladding features high density and high hardness to form a protective layer on the wall surface. It is also super strong and emits VOC in a very low quantity.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their EcoNice bamboo decking is the perfect choice to be used as the protective layer for the outdoor walls. In place of rainforest hardwoods, one can use bamboo panels for wall cladding, which are sustainable as well as durable. Available in different colors and dimensions, these wall claddings are easier to install to protect walls from moisture, mold, termite and other environmental elements. They provide stainless steel clips which are an essential accessory to install wall cladding. Alternatively, one can use screws to install the bamboo cladding on the outdoor walls.

Made from bamboo, the wall cladding is environment friendly and offers all types of weather resistance. The bamboo decking is made of bamboo, which is highly denser than oak or hardwood. With a density between 1100 and 1200 kg/m3, the bamboo wall cladding is pretty solid and durable. They oil bamboo decks with top quality oils, which give them the resistive power against weathering and wearing factors. Moreover, their bamboo wall cladding comes with a 10 year warranty against mold, rot, fungal attack and termites.

The spokesperson maintains that they produce bamboo decking with superior quality lamination and they also give a 10 year guarantee against delamination. Their EcoNice decking is stronger and harder than composite decking and is a green material to be used in buildings. The decking is aesthetically-pleasing and eco-friendly that can redefine the exterior décor of a building. One can use the decking to replace an existing decking or can install a new decking as a protective layer to the exterior walls. To learn more about the decking, its features and its installation process, one can visit the website

About Bothbest

Bothbest is a China-based company focusing on bamboo only because it is an amazing and rapidly renewable resource. The company manufactures largest variety and best quality of bamboo, such as flooring, decking, panels and mat. They are equipped with high-tech computerized machines and have been recognized as a professional supplier and exporter in bamboo market worldwide. BothBest products have been approved and used in many countries and end-users feel satisfied with their quality and after-sale service.

Tony He
Company: Bothbest
Telephone: +86 563 303 2211
Email: [email protected]

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