Guangde, Xuancheng, China — Customers can find a number of bamboo floor varieties with the China company to give a new meaning to their home décor. Besides being stylish, the bamboo floors are eco-friendly and pretty affordable. Bothbest offers different types of Econice bamboo floors to choose from, including solid bamboo flooring , wide plank bamboo floors, strand woven bamboo floors, click strand bamboo floors, and other options.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their solid bamboo flooring is made of 100% renewable resources, such as bamboo, tongue and groove. This is the reason why the product is eco-friendly and is becoming more and more popular among customers across the world. Available in 4 basic varieties of horizontal natural, horizontal caramel, vertical natural and vertical caramel, the flooring is available in the standard size of 960x96x15mm. This type of solid flooring gives a natural and rustic look with visible grains and patterns of bamboo.

The spokesperson maintains that their solid bamboo flooring provides a terrific design idea for a homeowner to achieve a simple, spotless and chick flooring surface at home. Available in stained colors, it can easily incorporate a uniform color distribution throughout the floor. By blending the colors and shades of different environmental elements, the homogeneity is maintained to create a fantastic floor. The entire flooring plan can be in sync with the walls and roofs of a room and can perfectly meet the designing requirements of a homeowner.

Bothbest maintains an improved solid bamboo flooring manufacturing process that makes it tough and durable. At first, the bamboo is finely cut into strips and these strips are boiled in a solution of water and boric acid. The boiling process controls the growth of fungus, mold and termite. Then, the carbonization process is applied to the bamboo strips that darken its color. The material is then dried completely with less than 10% moisture content remaining in the strips. Then only premium quality strips are chosen and they are layered and glued together, using environment-friendly glue.

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About Bothbest

Bothbest is a China-based company focusing on bamboo only because it is an amazing and rapidly renewable resource. The company manufactures largest variety and best quality of bamboo, such as flooring, decking, panels and mat. They are equipped with high-tech computerized machines and have been recognized as a professional supplier and exporter in bamboo market worldwide. BothBest products have been approved and used in many countries and end-users feel satisfied with their quality and after-sale service.

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