April 12, 2017 — The Best Hitch Cargo Carrier 2017 — Buyer’s Guide has launched and includes several editors’ picks and information on top products. It covers models for transporting cargo outside a car, truck, SUV, or camper, such as luggage, coolers, camping gear, bikes, garden supplies, and more. A few features offered by brands are mentioned, and then a list of items with product comparisons and ratings is provided.

On the webpage, product such as the Pro Series 63153 Rambler, which provides elevation and ground clearance, are reviewed. Readers also get a look at the Curt 18151 Basket Style Cargo Carrier, MaxxHaul 70422 (with reflectors), and the two-piece ROLA #59502 products. The editors have also written up the Five Star 436 ACC-TG Cargo Carriers that are ideal for equipment under 300 pounds, such as lawn mowers, scooters, and wheelchairs.

Visitors can always click for more information to view product pages where they can be purchased. Further down the page is a list of the top 10 brands of hitch cargo carriers. Then readers can see a comparison of each with specifics such as weight capacity, dimensions, material, options, and cost.

The guide goes even further by providing detailed explanations of each specification compared on the chart. It provides an in-depth explanation of aspects such as carrier dimensions, the benefits of materials like steel and aluminum, and the features of folding and raised shank designs. Throughout the guide, the editors have worked to help people understand hitch cargo carrier options and make more informed decisions when purchasing or using them.

To learn more about these products and the best brands on the market, visit the Best Hitch Cargo Carrier 2017 — Buyer’s Guide, from RV Camper Supplies and Parts, at http://rvcampersuppliesandparts.com/hitch-carriers.

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