Dental problems are quite often overlooked by the general public. Most would rather let the problems persist and hope that they subside as the days go by. The level of discomfort in such a situation is one which may hamper the daily routine. However, this does not seem to be the case in South Edmonton, an area in Alberta, Canada. Strathcona Dental Clinic has been performing exceedingly well, with the area reporting a decrease in the dental problems and an overall increase in the wellness and awareness of dental health.

A few representatives of Strathcona Dental Clinic had quite a few words to say about their success. “Of course, we are ecstatic that we have helped people in knowing more about their dental health and how to take care of their teeth. Our doctors are certified and have trained in the best dentistry schools throughout the country. It is evident, as our satisfied customers have so graciously reviewed on social media websites”, stated a representative. “We provide a ton of services, from general check-ups to oral cancer screening to root canal therapy. We have specialized dentists for each service that we provide and make sure that all of our employees undergo stringent background checks, before they are hired. We also use state of the art equipment at our clinic since we want our customers to get the very best of our services. All other information is available at”, stated another representative.

When asked about the future, a spokesperson said nonchalantly “We just want to provide the best of services. We may expand our services into our cities.”

About Strathcona Dental Clinic:

Strathcona Dental Clinic provides high level oral health care in South Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They employ certified dentists for each service provided.

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