Los Angeles, California - 22/05/2017 - The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) could be a great convenience, however they can compromise on peoples' safety. There is need to be very careful when using an ATM. Seeing an urgent need to ensure peoples safety and improving banking security while using an Automated Teller Machine, Eldad Liebarnan, an IT specialist and CEO at Latronic Solutions presents an ATM with Third Eye The Future's Technological Innovation.

See the presentation here - http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/EldadLieberman-2740627-atm-third-eye-future-technological-innovation/

Eldad Liebranan has always being in the forefront of providing clients with industry-leading enterprise solutions and services that satisfy all of their businesses’ technology needs. And has CEO of Latronics solution, he has been able to lead the firm in the execution of small and large scale projects.

The latest presentation by Eldad Liebarnan - the third eye aims to make money transactions for bank customers very easy, providing a cordless and password free way for bank customers to get money out of an ATM. A camera based in an ATM will detect a customer’s pattern and compare it with what is stored in a central computer. There is also a camera for the Iris code generation. This determines the outer and inner borders of the Iris, filters the usable structures and calculates the Iriscode.

The main purpose of the Third eye is to protect consumers and financial institutions from fraud. The presentation also offers ways for people to protect their ATM card pins and reduce the risk of falling victim to ATM frauds.

For more about the presentation, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH37ALXHgbY

About Eldad Liebranan
Eldad Lievarna is an IT specialist and is currently the CEO of Latronics solution. Eldad Lieberman is a chief in a spot of online business for numerous years with strength and forms an enormous list of consumers boosting his net worth over 7 stats.

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