Elder Answers in San Diego has served the needs of San Diego families with Seniors since 2009. Elder Answers matches a family’s loved one with the best living situation possible. The referral service does a personal assessment of each Senior’s needs, be them self-care, socialization, or medical, and selects from the hundreds of options available in San Diego County. Families come to Elder Answers in all kinds of circumstances, and the situation can stress and overwhelm many of them. Elder Answers makes it easier for that family by referring them to that special one-to-three living places most likely to work. It saves families hundreds of hours of research, and travel. All, again, at no cost to those families.

Frequently, the decision to start looking for a new living situation for mom or dad comes from an adult child who may have his or own children at home. This “sandwich generation” can have a particularly high level of stress. A call to Elder Answers can destress the situation. After calling Elder Answers many families find relief and reassurance now knowing that the choices today for Seniors are as diverse as their needs. Gone are the days of the choice of a dangerous home or a nursing home. Elder Answers knows and evaluates several kinds of placement facilities. These include Independent Living, Assisted Living, and specialized care like Memory Care.

Independent Living Centers which include some lavish Retirement Communities generally aim for that Senior who wants the conveniences of dispensing with the maintenance of a home and would like some help with things like meals and transportation. Seniors must, generally, be in good health and ambulatory. These facilities usually provide transportation and community based activities as well as other amenities. Many do not have on-site medical care. Ones that do, oftentimes, are part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community. CCRCs give levels of care in different building in a campus-like setting. Seniors, then, who develop medical problems that require more self-care can transition to it in the same facility.

Assisted Living Centers come in many varied sizes, but all give Seniors that extra help with self-care that he or she may need. Assisted Living Centers help its residences with baths, hygiene, meals, and transportation. Extra amenities frequently involve community-based activities and changes for socialization. Memory Care or Dementia care is a specialized form of Assisted LIving Center designed for that Senior with varying stages of dementia.

Finally, Elder Answers screens and refers in-home caregivers. Agencies abound in San Diego County that bring caregivers to the homes of Seniors who need varying degrees of assistance. They vary in their quality and cost. Elder Care helps families find the good one and avoid the rest.

For more information or to arrange for a personal assessment call (619) 538-9155 or contact the website at http://www.elder-answers.com/

Lise Marquis
Company: Elder Answers
Address: 3268 Governor Dr #213, San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: (619) 538-9155
Website: http://www.elder-answers.com/

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