The team of scientists from Electron Labs of State College, Pennsylvania have announced the release of their amazing creation, the Electron Fidget Spinner. It is the world’s first smart fidget spinner device that takes fidgeting to a whole new level. This amazing fidget device features programmable LEDs and phone connectivity. According to the creators, the device is much more than just a high-tech toy and it will redefine the way people have fun in the 21st century. To accomplish the successful manufacturing of this amazing creation, the designers are now seeking public support on Kickstarter by crowdfunding this project. The goal of this amazing project is to raise $125,000 by Saturday April 15th, 2017 and everyone is welcome to make their generous contributions.

With this remarkable device, users will be able to take their fidgeting experience to the next level with programmable LEDs that display brilliant custom graphics in the palm of their hand. The ultimate fidget spinner is compatible with Apple or Android devices that display the complete fidget stats along with the uploading of new designs, playing new games and much more. It will tell the spinner exactly how fast they are spinning and how many revolutions have accrued. It is an equivalent of having a tachometer in the palm of your hand.

Multiple prototypes have been successfully developed and the team is currently finalizing the production model that will include a polycarbonate case to protect the Electron circuitry. In order to do that, they need public support. Therefore, all the funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will contribute to the app development, tooling, manufacturing and cover other costs that will take the Electron from prototype to production. Generous contributors can find out more about this project and make their contributions on the link below:

About This Project:

Electron Fidget Spinner is a futuristic invention by Electron Labs. The Pennsylvania-based team  of American designers have developed a prototype model of a fidget spinner like never before.

The spinner has programmable LEDs that display brilliant custom graphics in the palm of a hand and many other exciting features. Now seeking public support on Kickstarter, this amazing creation is more than just a toy and the model they have produced will set a new precedence for the future toys of the 21 st century.

Contact Person: Stephen Wells
Company: Electron Labs
Address: State College, Pennsylvania,  United States
Phone: (814)931-6905
Email: [email protected]

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