How to survive an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack survival guide PDF report released by family survival food and water solutions site is covered by international newswire service.


Houston, Texas -- Your Winning Edge family survival food and water information site announces that their report on a complete EMP attack survival guide PDF has been covered by international newswire services. The EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack survival answers PDF report, BlackoutUSA Darkest Days, was reviewed by the news and information site.


The report provides real answers to survival food access and storage, survival water and home protection along with complete how to survive an EMP attack to the grid solutions. An international newswire service distributed picked up and distributed the report released announcement.


After seeing a number of Fox News reports on EMP attack threats, the site’s research team began a search for the top EMP attack survival PDF guides available today. The EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack PDF report selected covers vital family survival solutions for any disaster. How to protect car, home, family, food and water supplies from an EMP attack and the disasters that will follow are covered in the report along with a preparedness checklist guide.

A complete video and free report can be seen at:


The newswire coverage of the EMP attack PDF family survival food and water guide can be seen here:

Until recently EMP attack information and threat levels have mostly been kept hushed up in the mainstream media. Available real answers and viable family survival solutions are limited. Most survival guides are “fantasy novels” that fail to deliver real answers and usable solutions. In response to heightened EMP attack threats and the limited true survival guides available, the site has released their research on how to survive an EMP attack.


The Darkest Days Blackout USA EMP survival PDF covered in the report offers a detailed guide that reveals essential family survival techniques on how to prepare and survive the great dangers that would occur if an EMP attack were to occur. The report explains detailed steps on how to prepare for survival of the disaster. The home protection, survival food and water solutions offered can be done very inexpensively, “ for pennies”.

The free video and report available on the site explores exactly what people will expect in the event of the an EMP attack disaster. The loss of taken for granted resources such as radio, television, smart phones, refrigerator, stove, laptops, internet, washing machine, microwave oven, water heater and many more during and after an EMP attack is outlined.
The EMP survival PDF reviewed represents what is believed by the site research team to be the most a comprehensive, complete detailed solutions guide covering both EMP disaster survival and home protection, power generation, survival food and survival water access. How to survive any kind of man made and natural disaster without spending thousands of dollars is delive4red by the report.


The PDF survival guide authors spent months pouring over research to onn how to prepare for, survive and live after an EMP attack. They found that most information available was useless. To learn to survive and build a community in a post EMP attack world one of the guide creators embedded themselves in a small Amish community in Pennsylvania. The perspectives and applicable solutions to living without electricity gained from this in-depth Amish community research makes the Darkest Days Blackout USA EMP survival guide unique.


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