Painting one’s nails is fun, but it is better when the experience can be shared with others. MsMee now enables women to post their nail art pictures on its website with a simple click of a button and become part of a community of nail art enthusiasts. There are more than 500+ nail art designs on the site from more than 25 different categories, providing potentially endless inspiration for those who love to paint their nails.

MsMee categorizes nail art into different types to help visitors choose the artwork that most interests them. Categories include stamping nails, airbrush nails, gel nails, glitter nails, water marble nails, matte nails, crackle nails, ombre nails, stiletto nails, oval nails, zebra nails, Mehndi nails, Rhinestone nails and much, much more. Under each section, visitors can find multiple pages of user-generated nail art content where members and guests of the site have uploaded their personal nail art work. The large range of different styles and colors showcases the many different ways to paint one’s nails. Every uploaded image of nail art shows who uploaded the content and allows visitors to click a “like” button if they like what they see. There is also an option to add the nail art to a person page when users sign up to the site.

Nail art, MsMee says, is any process that embellishes, adds to, decorates, paints or enhances nails in a creative way. Usually, in the course of creating nail art (often as part of a beauty treatment), the nail is polished, and the small flap of skin near to the finger called the cuticle, is removed. After that, an individual or a salon professional adds artwork to the nail to create a beautiful finish.

Upload Nail Art

MsMee currently has more than 500+ pictures of nail art in its inventory. However, as a user-generated site, it is growing all the time. The site makes it easy for visitors and nail enthusiasts to upload their nail art pictures online. Users are asked to take a picture of their nails on their phone, click the upload button on the website, and then upload the files.

MsMee also requests that users make sure that the photos they upload are of a high quality. The site prefers it if pictures are taken in landscape, not portrait, to maximize their aesthetic value. According to the site, nail pictures are better in wide angle shots. The community that uses the site is able to report any pictures of nails that don’t meet a sufficient standard as spam.

Nail Art Tutorials

MsMee provides more than lists of pictures. The site also contains step-by-step tutorials for many different kinds of nail art, including acrylic nails, ombre nails, crackle nails and so on. In addition, there are visual guides and information on the risks of using nail art, including whether or not gel nails are bad for natural nails and how to remove nail art.

To upload nail art or view other people’s, visit

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