Environmentally Friendly Flip Flops are now available through Indiegogo and each pair will play a significant role in the removal of half a kilo of trash from the ocean. Developed by Subs, a flip flop company from New Zealand, the goal of this project is to reduce plastic waste by transforming it into high quality flip flops. The company uses recycled plastics recovered from the ocean and it has pledged to remove 1.16 pounds of debris from the ocean for each pair sold.

In addition, Subs is offering these flip flops with several amazing features with comfort being the primary one. So far, the company has removed more than 2000 Kilograms of trash from the ocean that equals about 4400 lbs. Furthermore, these flip flops are the comfiest, longest lasting and 100% SGS Certified.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/environmentally-friendly-flip-flops and supporters from around the world can get these amazing flip flops by pledging only $14. In addition, each pair bought will not only get them these amazing flip flops but will also enable them to contribute in removing trash from the ocean.

About Subs

Subs is a New Zealand based company that is known for creating high quality flip flops. The company has recently launched an environmental friendly model of flip flops that are made from the recycled plastic from the ocean. Subs is inviting everyone from around the world to get these flip flops by backing its campaign through Indiegogo because each pair bought through Indiegogo will help the company in removing half a kilo trash from the ocean water.

Contact Person: Andrew Lambie
Company: Subs Ltd
Address: 186a Halswell road, Christchurch,  - New Zealand
Phone: +886989429399
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/environmentally-friendly-flip-flops

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