The ESdat Server Web Interface is a powerful analysis and reporting tool; used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of environmental data using a standard web browser. ESdat Server can be customized and is suitable for use by a scientific or engineering user base.

Maintaining ESdat Server has now become even easier for clients to keep the following critical elements up to date:
• ChemCodes
• Chemistry Profiles
• Unit Conversions and
• Environmental Standards

The latest software version, ESdat Server 3, enables users to sync and compare against the relevant ESdat Online Server within your region. ESdat Online Servers are maintained in North America, Australia and England.

It is possible to keep up to date with Emerging Compounds (such as PFAS) by viewing and comparing against those within ESdat Online and add new compounds to your system as required.

Chemistry Profiles (e.g. Chem Name/Order/Group and Output Units) can also be compared with the ESdat Online Reference Chemistry Profile, to keep your system up to date. You can also propose changes to the Reference Profile by using the integrated suggestion function.

Compare your Environmental Standards with those on our Reference Database, then import those you need with just a few mouse clicks. This provides an alternative to importing Environmental Standards from Users retain the ability to customize the Environmental Standards to their own needs.

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About us:
EScIS provide environmental and groundwater database software, consultancy, advisory, programming, customization, implementation, and training services.

EScIS also develop and resell the ESdat suite of software. ESdat is used worldwide and is the most widely used environmental and groundwater data management and analysis package in the Asia / Pacific.

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