When people bore into the earth in search of oil, gas, groundwater, minerals, or even as an environmental survey, it is necessary for them to maintain a detailed log of their findings. This process, aptly named borehole logging, entails keeping a record of the geological formations discovered while creating a borehole. If the inspection is completed by physically studying samples, it is called a geological log. If the data is retrieved my instruments lowered into the hole, it is a geophysical log.

Borehole logging creates a detailed description of the area, including things such as soil compositions, maps, and all results retrieved by any probes or studies. This information can allow companies to calculate the resources present, and the tools are sensitive enough to provide a wealth of information on things such as acoustical activity, radioactivity, and electrical currents, all of which could pose a safety or environmental hazard.

However, a borehole log contains far more data than just the equipment’s findings. A complete borehole log will include a daily log of the holes construction (including diameter, thickness, sealants used), names of workers, the location of the hole and the owner on record, surface casting and pump details, and much more. The result is a body of information that should contain the answer to any question about the site that could be posed.
Understandably, consolidating all of this data while keeping the process easy and reliable is a challenge. And that is why programs such as ESlog is used for creating and presenting bore logs.

ESlog is designed for quick and easy use and is a web-based program. This eliminates the need for desktop software and permits multiple users at different locations to review all data. This data can be automatically entered in from ESdat, an environmental database system, or completed manually, to fit the user’s preferences and needs better. ESdat is data management software specially designed for environmental information. It can validate and analyse a variety of information and report it in numerous ways, including maps, graphs, and statistics.

For more information please visit http://esdat.net/ESlog_borelog_presentation_software.aspx

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