Eugene Logan recently announced the launch of Pay per phone lead gen services designed to help businesses, especially the small and mid-sized get more traffic. The service is regarded as the latest lead gen technique and is designed to help businesses reach their target audience without necessarily spending too much money, time or effort.

The emergence of mobile phones has changed the way business is done. Consequently, getting leads through mobile search has been discovered to generate an estimated 65 billion calls to businesses in less than six months.

Majority of consumers today are relying on their mobile phones to make purchases or solve any problems, with about 67 percent of buyers starting their purchase journey on the internet. This has consequently made pay per phone call lead gen the choice of success-oriented businesses.

A good pay per phone leads ensures that businesses do not have to spend time and effort before getting results, especially if a reliable specialist is hired. Businesses like dentists, plumbers and auto repair shops can buy pay per phone call leads and subsequently promote their businesses while operating on a tight budget.

If done correctly, this technique of lead generation can help in improving sales conversions over time. The cost-effectiveness of the strategy is another attractive feature of pay per call advertising, as it is not only cheap but targets the customers that need the service or product immediately.

Pay per call seems to cost higher than the popular pay per click advertising at the initial stage. However, pay per call advertising generates more leads at a faster rate, leading to a higher return on investment for businesses. According to statistics, pay per call converts 30 to 50 percent, with PPC converting only 2 to 3 percent within the same period.

Therefore, Eugene Logan’s introduction of the pay per call service ensures that businesses engage their target audience effectively, while saving money on their advertising campaigns.

About Eugene Logan

Eugene Logan is a lead generation specialist that moved from Russia to the United States in 2007. After working several jobs and receiving accolades from different people that included expertise in marketing, investment, entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, Psychology, and Neuroscience, Eugene decided to pursue his dream of helping others succeed and this led to the founding of his outfit –

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