USA; 05, April 2017: Men and women often encounter psychological problems related to sex, intimacy and other aspects of the relationship which ultimately deprive them of leading a blissful life. In such situation, only a specialized counseling and therapy can provide them relief from such issues. Evolving Path is an online platform that provides complete information on the specialized training model of Dr. Gillian Joseph who is a Clinical Psychologist, certified Sex, and Life Coach. The training model empowers men and women to break through their intimacy and sexual roadblocks that have kept them rooted in stagnation and dissatisfaction. This specialized coaching always emphasizes on building one’s future through creating a vision and moving forward with a set of intentions and action steps.

This special model of coaching assists an individual to bring about their greater potential by tapping into tools which they already possess to create the momentum for achieving a positive change. It also encourages a client to be accountable for their agreed upon actions and goals. The coaching also makes them aware of the self-imposed barriers and helps them to remove it in order to enjoy happy sex without any interruption. The coaching also addresses various intimacy issues through enabling clients to move beyond the present situation in a convenient manner. This model basically emphasizes on providing an environment where the client is empowered to find the ideal solutions to various problems to achieve a better sex life.

The intimate sex coaching model of this platform is mainly designed for men, women, and couples to provide a context for practice and experimentation in relationships or in the preparation of any relationship. It does not involve hands-on practice in sessions but only as assignments in the privacy of one’s safe environment. It helps to bridge the trust intimacy deficit to improve the sexual confidence among men and women. This model constitutes a healing journey for the clients under the supervision of an experienced sex coach and the issues addressed are not viewed as a ‘dysfunction’ or ‘pathology’.

This training assists men and women to know the landscapes of their body thoroughly to enjoy a perfect fetish play with utmost comfort and satisfaction. The training plays a crucial role to create a deeper connection with one’s partner. This platform enables customers to book in advance different training sessions to enjoy life to the fullest extent without any problem. The intimate coaching model helps to establish and hold healthy boundaries.

About Evolving Path:

Evolving Path is an online platform that offers detailed information on the specialized training model of Dr. Gillian Joseph. The coaching model helps to overcome the sexual and intimacy roadblocks in a safe and supportive environment. For more information, customers can visit this website anytime.

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