Seattle, WA - September 18, 2017 – Executive leadership coach and motivational speaker Steve Gutzler has now released a highly inspirational new book on improving personal leadership and creating momentum in life. Deemed a motivational read for people from all walks of life, the book teaches readers how to create an impact in other peoples’ lives by initiating a change in their own. Splash: 10 Remarkable Traits to Build Momentum in Life and Leadership also documents Gutzler’s life struggles, his battle with depression, and how he triumphed it all.

The term ‘Splash’ is his creative method of recognizing a positive change. He teaches the readers how to make a Splash in all areas of life including personal relationships, family life and professional life. By learning the 10 simple traits and other methods developed by Gutzler through his life experiences, readers can learn how to find motivation, and live a meaningful life.

As President of Leadership Quest, a Seattle-based leadership development company, Steve is a highly sought-after leadership keynote speaker and is a coveted executive leadership coach to many influential entrepreneurs and even CEOs. He has honed his skills as a leadership coach throughout his immense professional undertakings.

Gutzler has delivered over 2,500 leadership presentations to top companies and organizations in the world including Microsoft, Starbucks, LinkedIn, US Federal Courts, US Social Security Administration and many more.

“Splash is a beautiful book about life’s struggles, depression and how to overcome it in order to do something impactful and extraordinary. This book is a must read for anyone who is looking for inspiration and motivation in life,” a spokesperson for the author stated in a press statement.

Steve Gutzler is available for interviews.

Splash: 10 Remarkable Traits to Build Momentum in Life and Leadership is now available on
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