London, , UK — Medium sized businesses do not need to continue to be frustrated by a lack of functional diversity amongst eCommerce platforms any longer, thanks to OmniCX. Designed explicitly with the mid-market in mind, it removes many of the barriers organisations face when it comes to delivering advanced site manageability and dynamic customer experience, whilst avoiding the huge price tag that often comes with this platform capability.

OmniCX has recently gained recognition by experts in the field — not least one of the leading independent eCommerce consultancies in the sector, Practicology. Mark Lewis, CTO states that the platform is a ‘welcome addition to the current options retailers have. Built with a modern architecture, well thought-out and with highly-usable management tools, OmniCX offers a full suite of capabilities for retailers to consider.’

The innovative OmniCX platform allows organisation to deliver customer centric site experiences that allows them to compete and achieve a greater return on the total cost of ownership of the platform compared to it’s peers. OmniCX delivers to retailers a strategic and unified customer experience across multiple devices and operating channels.

Speaking about the platform, [Jason Smith], [UK Country Manager], said, “OmniCX fills a gap in the market by providing a complete SaaS eCommerce platform specifically designed for the mid-market retailer. It provides a whole solution aligned to the capabilities and budget of this underserved segment where the previous option was to sign with a tech giant and be a very small fish in a huge ocean with little support.”

Following the success of working with the major online retailer 'The Fragrance Shop', OmniCX’s proven potential behind the platform generated an increase in conversion rate of over 60% and processing over 2,000 orders an hour.

For more information about OmniCX and find out how they can help retailers succeed online, visit the website:

Notes for Editors:

The OmniCX SaaS platform includes eCommerce, CMS, PIM, Search, Personalisation, Promotions, Customer 360, Customer Service (Call Centre & In-Store) & eMail while utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide advanced hosting and services.

As a complete solution with customer data contained, SMBs will find compliance of PCI and GDPR easier to administer.

OmniCX also provide their platform as an On-Premise license for organisations wishing to host their own instances.

OmniCX is the product of our mission to provide enterprises with a single solution to manage all of their online assets. OmniCX was originally developed by parent company Axtrum Solutions, a leading provider of Enterprise technology solutions, after years of development and customer feedback.

The OmniCX journey started working on the front-line, delivering customised Content Management Systems to retail customers, before recruiting a team of experts who were from some of the largest digital business in the world.

The platform has in excess of over 200,000 development hours invested into it to date and is focused on delivering value for client businesses.

Jane Myers
Company: OmniCX
Address: WeWork Paddington, 2 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, W2 6LG, UK
Tel: 0203 815 7954
Email: [email protected]

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