"The hard hitting track floats as Felonius raps from every angle." - The Daily Dose on Felonius Chino's "Heads"

In an era where the art of the album is dying and Hip-Hop's rich history is losing touch. Felonius Chino, a 21-year-old rapper/producer from Abbotsford, British Columbia represents a 90's artist in the millennial world, he also has an inspiring new EP out on Halloween Day.

Like Captain America, Felonius Chino is slowly finding his place in the 21st-century but feels like he's headed in the right direction without-ever sacrificing his inner roots. His new EP, Life as I Know It, plays as a space odyssey—travelling through a high of jazz-infused instrumentals and a raw sheet of lyrics. It's a five-track memento of his childhood-to-present experiences which represent who he is as an artist today."This is my third project," Chino says "But it's also my best and most personal to date."

Living life with a Latino-Aboriginal background, rough appearance and silver lining attitude—Felonius Chino takes himself for who he is and walks tall along with a string of multicultural artists inspiring and guiding youth to become whatever they aspire to be while opening a realm of new and old sounds of Hip-Hop. The hardened indie musician, Chino started rap batting friends, writing and recording his own material in high school and later producing songs to kick-off his musical career. “Music sort of just popped up in my life,” he explains, “And as I got older, I understood why.”

While Felonius Chino’s shows are energetic and filled with eager-to-party teens wearing converse on their feet jumping up and down on stage taking in Felonius Chino’s contagious energy, his message on the other hand is sweet and simple. “To those battling demons, stuck in their ways or just searching for light in darkness,” he explains, “My music is a metaphor of hope, so don’t worry because there is hope.”

Listen to Felonius Chino’s Life as I Know It below and stay tuned for more from this talented artist.

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Felonius Chino - Heads (The Daily Dose)

Felonius Chino

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