OnDeck is one of the best US providers of emergency business loans. OnDeck is 100% focused on small businesses, and so, has already funded about $5 billion in capital to small businesses in the United States. The main thing that distinguishes OnDeck from other lenders, which typically rely on the borrower’s business’s cash flow strength, is the fact that OnDeck considers borrower’s credit worthiness and quickly processes business loans or lines of credit. Furthermore, OnDeck sets the straightforward terms and very reasonable annual interest rates, starting from 9%.

The major problem, most of small businesses are confronted with, when they apply for emergency funds, is time, since any loan issuing bank needs over a month to make a credit check and verification of a particular business. Consequently, lending bank will decide whether you receive your loan or not, taking into account your business’s cash flow strength, which actually can be insufficient to get an emergency business loan. In case of insufficiency of your business’s cash flow strength, some banks place a lien on your business assets and require your personal guarantee.

Under such conditions, OnDeck offers the best alternative to traditional business loans. Small businesses are usually facing lack of time to obtain the required loans from banks, while OnDeck provides the fastest business loans. The benefits of OnDeck emergency loan for business are obvious, simply because a small business receives the needed funds in 1-8 days and its loan is based on receivables or other clearly identifiable incoming cash flow items.

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About OnDeck:

OnDeck is dedicated to supporting and empowering small businesses, while offering the smartest solutions, including emergency business loans, provided on the most favorable and flexible conditions for small businesses.

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