Alive Better is a blog of an enthusiast Rafal Alitojc, mathematician and just a great person. Alive Better inspires a lot of people who believe in their own force and power. Reading his posts, you will definitely find the most suitable for you and you will fall in love with his style of writing and big dreams.

Have you ever thought about how to make your life better? It is probably the purpose of Rafal, who tries to teach people about how to improve the quality of your life, doing something. His website is a blog, integrated with lots of posts and articles with motivation photos. Very easy to use and very clean, the blog page is very attractive and can be investigated even by your grand-mother. Describing his own experience, and showing real instances from his life, Rafal is always dreaming about achieving his own success, by providing tips and advice to others. Having 2 bachelor degrees in science, he is also passionate about psychology, which is the prime way to success. If you learn how to discover yourself and your emotional life, then you can improve your lifestyle and your environment.

How Rafal blog is different from others? He doesn’t wright about nothing. Every of his posts named like “How to Make Your Life Easier” are full of sense and real interesting facts and examples, hints and tips. His articles are categorized in several themes, like IT, Education, Career, Success and so on. Each of these fields is deeply discovered by the author and offered to be discovered to his readers. Many positive reviews are present in his blog, which show the important impact of his blog in the life of people. Learn how to find a key to success together with Alive Better blog.

About Alive Better:
Alive Better is a blog of a 27 years old mathematician, who have so many passions and hobbies, from music and books, to psychology and aviation. Alive Better is a prospective blog which attracts daily tens of fans who find help and self-motivation in his posts. If you wish to improve your motivation, as well as the level of self-esteem, you should certainly follow Rafal’s blog and discover the huge margins of the power of your brain. Don’t hesitate to visit his blog page to ensure yourself about how amazing it is and find fulfillment and happiness.

Company Name: Pro Distribution Rafal Alitojc
Contact Name: Rafal Alitojc
Address: Prehoryle 67, 22-530 Mircze, Poland
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +48502931250

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