FinRisk has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and offer its ultimate risk identification software. The FinTech Software uses advanced algorithms to tell the users about the amount of risk associate with their portfolios. Investing is only worth it if the investor is able to keep a good track of his portfolio and risks exposures. This is exactly what this Intelligent Software will do for its users and will reshape the way people live in the modern corporate world.

From political risks and market sentiment to energy prices or currency risks, all such risks can affect a portfolio’s value in different magnitudes. To assess that risk, FinRisk uses cutting-edge algorithms and data analysis techniques to identify the portfolio exposures. More importantly, it tells its users exactly how much different sources of risks have been driving their business portfolio.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and the funds raised through this campaign will play a major contribution in the ongoing research and improvements of the risk algorithms. Moreover, the funding will contribute in the process of product development such as UX and functionality enrichment. Furthermore, it will ensure clean financial data for the database.

About FinRisk

FinRisk is an amazing financial software that uses sophisticated algorithms to assess risks that are associated with a business portfolio. That futuristic app has been created to reshape the way people make investments in the modern day world and the creators are now seeking community support for this remarkable app on Indiegogo. The campaign offers pledges from $3 to $455 with great rewards including prizes and premier membership of FinRisk Software for a full year.

Contact Person:  Mr. Lau
Company: FinRisk
Address: Hong Kong
Phone: (852)64771075
Email: [email protected]

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