The world-class designers of Happy Gadget Alert Watch have announced that they are seeking public support to bring their novel lifetime saving device for the everyday use of parents worldwide. It is a wearable device packed with medical-grade sensors, specially designed to read a child’s vital signs, and detect unusual symptoms or physical patterns. It works with a smartphone and helps parents keep a track of their child’s vital signs at all time and they can be there for the child whenever it is needed the most. From monitoring the heart rate, breathing, oxygen, motion, and sweat levels -- for identifying potential allergies and asthma attacks - to the detection of a hard-fall and potential child abuse, the watch sensors together keeps an eye of everything a child goes through when absent from the sight of an adult.

Safety of the children is always paramount for many parents and most of the working parents are always worried about their child. This problem solving solution will ease the concern of many parents and will relax them like never before. The Happy Gadget Alert Watch will detect heart rate, heart rhythm, blood oxygen level, sweat, and humidity, skin temperature, sudden motion and hard falls etc. It will be more useful for the children with asthma, allergies, illnesses and other medical or physical problems.

Followed by 3 years of successful research and development as well as the production of a successful prototype, the creators are now seeking public support on Indiegogo for the manufacturing of this watch and the goal is to raise $100,000 within a month through this crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if it is unable to reach the parents who ordered by December 2017. Generous contributions are welcomed at the following link on Indiegogo and each contribution will have a lucrative reward as well:

About This Project:

Happy Gadget Alert Watch is a lifesaving solution that will ease the concerns of many parents for their children--built by parents and for parents. With its state of the art technology, the watch monitors a child’s vital signal and, most importantly, alerts parents if any unusual symptom or physical pattern is detected.  This ultimate life saving solution is now raising funds on Indiegogo and generous contributions are being welcomed.

Contact Person: Pius Lee
Company: Happy Gadget, Inc.
Address: McLean, VA, USA
Phone: 703-888-8654
Email: [email protected]

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