The foreign exchange broker FNIB and hedge fund prime brokerage First National Innovation Brokers have seen capitalization surge in the aftermath of the banking crisis in Cyprus.  Depositors blindsided by the bank bail-in are seeking fx brokers in safe havens.

The volatility in gold trading after a 15% price drop, possibly the result of naked short selling by the FED to support the dollar, has rekindled interest in digital currencies services offered by FNIB.  Swiftcoin is the new alternative to Bitcoin.

The only currency trading and gold trading fx broker to offer the state of the art FNIB 1.0 no commission fx trading platform has reported  a surge in new business at FNIB, the premiere safe haven forex broker according to bloggers at

Forex trading bloggers at and have also contributed to the discussion as investment and financial themes take center stage in the news.  FNIB clients are insured up to $200 000.  Additional insurance is available according to the business news site

The capital infusion at First National Innovation Brokers comes at a time of increased volatility in financial markets and steep declines in gold, stocks and the digital currency Bitcoin.  The new e money Swiftcoin has been tried, tested and approved by numerous aficionados of digital currencies systems according to the blogs at and  FNIB is also offering collateral solutions to the malaise in the international real estate market with swaps and credit offerings of different sorts at

Hedge funds have made non binding commitments.  FNIB liquidity solutions, discretion and execution speed were cited as key factors by sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not cleared to identify counter parties.

In addition to Global Custodian, FNIB is listed with the Albourne Village Prime Brokerage Directory

First National Innovation Brokers is a New Zealand financial services provider providing foreign exchange, gold trading and swaps to retail and institutional investors since 2011.  For a confidential consultation or to join our team, please contact [email protected]

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