Digital reputation management company Five Blocks, Inc. launches its WikiAlerts application, ensuring that companies and individuals are the first to know when their Wikipedia pages are edited. Wikialerts also allows users to quickly revert vandalism to Wikipedia in near real-time.

Monitoring changes to corporate or executive Wikipedia pages is an essential component of reputation management. WikiAlerts™ by Five Blocks facilitates monitoring by sending real-time email alerts when edits are made to tracked Wikipedia pages.

First launched as a beta last year, WikiAlerts allows users to navigate the confusing history on Wikipedia pages and to monitor activity, changes, and traffic. This “virtual assistant” to communications staff now has a new “Revert Vandalism” feature in the alert emails that enables users to immediately revert an edit in the event they've identified it as malicious or destructive. It's our way of helping  users  keep their digital reputation fair and vandalism-free.

Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website in the world, with 80 million registered users and 200,000 editors. Wikipedia has changed the way we seek out information and determine its accuracy, with two thirds of US adults saying that they sometimes or always trust what they read on Wikipedia, according to recent Five Blocks research -- which also found that half of Fortune 500 CEOs (and 94% of companies) have an entry that ranks on page one of Google for searches of their names. Wikipedia is a key component of online reputation for notable organizations and individuals.

Five Blocks CEO Sam Michelson explains, “We hope WikiAlerts will empower brands and organizations to better monitor their presence on Wikipedia by allowing them to quickly delete vandalism to pages with 2 or 3 clicks, and by informing them of edits in real-time.”

WikiAlerts is free, allowing users to track changes and traffic on up to 20 Wikipedia pages, and is especially useful for brand managers, CCOs, and PR consultants. Online brand reputation management is not complete without a serious consideration of Wikipedia.

The service was originally designed as an internal tool to assist Five Blocks account managers in monitoring the online reputations of many leading brands, companies, and executives. Once clients saw how useful WikiAlerts was, they encouraged the company to develop it further and release it publicly.

About Five Blocks

Five Blocks is a digital consulting and communications technology company with proven expertise in intelligent digital reputation management. The company offers proprietary technological solutions and personalized, discreet advisory services to corporations and high-profile individuals.

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