Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance provides building insurance in the period from exchange of contracts to completion for up to 28 days. It is designed to fulfil and satisfy the requirements of mortgage Lenders and will be used by the Homebuyers Solicitor during this time frame.

The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel provides Homebuyers and Sellers the opportunity of comparing conveyancing quotes online without entering any personal details. They can filter their conveyancing results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender.

When ready they can take a quote away and book a timed call back from their chosen Homebuyer Conveyancing Solicitor and now they can add the Flexi Smart policy to their quote for just £39

Flexi Smart, helping Homebuyers get to exchange whilst providing thinking time on which insurance to use going forward.

April 2017, the target release date, Homebuyers are now able to add the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance to their Homebuyer Conveyancing quote. A much needed product that provides that all important helping hand.

Homebuyers are often caught out as they need to provide their Solicitor sight of a valid building insurance policy before they can move to exchange of contracts on their new property. A Lender requirement is that building insurance is in place on exchange of contracts.

This is often last minute, which doesn't support the Homebuyer making an informed decision on which insurance to use going forward. The Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance removes uncertainty for the Solicitor and helps all parties get to exchange of contracts. The policy is provided by Northcott Beaton and Solicitors can order using the Onesearch Direct ordering portal.

On exchange, with Flexi Smart in place, the Homebuyer can search the market for the best insurance, with the knowledge that their negotiated purchase price is now legally binding.

Ref: Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance

We Help You Too Ltd manages the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel.

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