18, April 2017: Flipbooks are hitting headlines in the present day since they are helping the marketers to sell their products through an innovative digital platform. The flip book maker helps the sellers to highlight the information about their products and services in the online publishing platform. FlipHTML5 has launched the software that solves the publishing problems of the people and has helped them to display the information in a candid manner. Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5 states that the marketers will be able to customize the digital flipbooks according to their business and reach out to maximum audiences.

Basic Features of the Flip Book Maker

FlipHTML5 has become the one-stop shop for digital publishing of the content from the PDF files. The flip book maker helps the sellers by publishing their digital flipbook and to attract a large number of potential customers towards their business. The businesses are reaping a large amount of benefit with the versatile features of this Digital Flipbook. Here are some of its key features:

- Interactive Publication: The FlipHTML5 helps in making the document reciprocal with the usage of the customized templates, creating the content layout according to the professional need of the marketer’s business. It helps in addition of animated images for attracting the consumers.

- Mobile Responsiveness: People can go through the Flipbook contents on their devices as well. The software introduced by FlipHTML5 helps the users to read the content on the iPad, iPhone, tablets or android devices. The mobile device users are increasing in the present times, and it becomes necessary to make the Flipping effect mobile responsive too.

- Branding: The FlipHTML5 helps the sellers to establish the brand name through their Flipbook. The online marketers can set the company’s logo, set up a customized banner and much more. The high-quality images, videos, audios, etc. will help in building a brand name for the business house and stay ahead in the competition.

The FlipHTML5 has provided the one-step solution to all the publishing problems of the marketers through their software that helps in promoting the business.

About FlipHTML5:

FlipHTML5 helps the sellers to build their business name online and get solutions for staying ahead in the competition by providing them with the interactive digital publishing platform. For details on their new launch, visit http://fliphtml5.com/.

For Media Contact:
Company: FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd
Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://fliphtml5.com/

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