12, April 2017: FlipHTML5 has put forward the online brochure maker to help the business to convert PDF to interactive page flipping brochures. Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5, pointed out that FlipHTML5 online brochure maker is keeping pace with the advanced technology to carry out the best using experience.

It is said that to improve the ways one’s client and customers’ reports of the products, one need to reply on more than just contents. “You need to know that your products branding and packaging is key and can go miles in improving your image”. That’s why FlipHTML5 online brochure maker comes. Users can benefit immensely to make the impressive brochures which are easily distributed everywhere, optimizing the reading experience and engaging more readers.

A look at our world today shows that printed publications is no longer popular and as such, gradually coming to a halt as more people prefer having it sent to them via their e-mail account than in the hard copy form. As assured by FlipHTML5, users are afford functionalities such as converting PDF to online flipping brochure, the page turning brochures can be easily distributed to social networks with FlipHTML5, easily connect the brochures with readers on social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and drive traffic to your website directly. The online page flip publications will be the mainstream in reading.

FlipHTML5 avails users the advantage of reaching the right audience at the appropriate time. It avails them the direct access of emailing their latest brochure to their friends or customers. Also, FlipHTML5 allows its users to create SEO optimized brochure as well as enriching the online brochure with templates, backgrounds, videos and images. All these helps make users’ brochure appealing to their readers when they search for it to read.

Being able to create a social friendly online brochure, brochures for email marketing and of course, making online brochure friendly to SEO with FlipHTML5 online brochure maker, users can never get a better maker anymore.

To find out more about FlipHTML5 visit http://fliphtml5.com/.

About FlipHTML5:

FlipHTML5 is established a few years ago and now it is a leading digital platform, the best digital publishing software and a first choice of publishers. The reason behind this success is the skillfulness and the tireless efforts of the company’s software developers to provide a product that is convenient, extremely user-friendly, and can completely satisfy the modern business requirements.

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