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Dust-Star™ Indoor Mats, versatile indoor floor mats made by one of the top brands in the industry, are now available through the online store maintained by is an industry-leading provider of floor matting products that is known for providing customized floor matting solutions to improve health, safety and efficiency for both individual clients and commercial clients across a diverse spectrum of industries.

In a July 21st tweet from the floor matting solutions provider’s Twitter account, writes that the Dust-Star™ Indoor Mats available in its online store are “Perfect for Universities, Airports, Hospitals, Large Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, and Schools.” The tweet then provides a link to the product’s page in the online store.

The product’s page in the online store describes the Dust-Star™ Indoor Mats in detail and explains the full range of their functions and benefits. “The most efficient and innovative wiper there is,” reads, “Dust-Star™ contributes to improving the air quality and cleanliness of your facility!” The product description goes on to detail the mat’s ability to enhance air quality, its ability to serve as a “Preventive solution that will keep dirt from spreading onto your floors” and the fact that it “Ensures better air quality than any other known entrance mats.”’s website goes on to describe the product in greater detail by comparing it to similar products also stocked by the company. The indoor mat from Dust-Star™, writes the product description, “Holds close to three times more liquid than our standard Rely-On™ Olefin wiper.” The mats are also stated to be made of a microfiber/olefin blend that contains positively charged microfibers that are able to attract and retain air pollutants and irritants like dust, hair and lint.

Customers interested in purchasing the indoor mats from the matting company’s online store have four colors available to choose from: charcoal, marlin blue, red and walnut. Four different sizes of the Dust-Star™ Indoor Mats are available on Also the product’s specific page on the website, interested customers are able to download a Product Spec Sheet, as well as view Product Reviews and Related Products. Currently, is advertising a promotional offer for free shipping on orders over $99. They can be followed at is the industry’s premier expert in providing customized home and business environment solutions that help improve the overall cleanliness health, comfort, productivity and safety of the habitat. The company utilizes environmental experts known as Solutionists who use industry-leading consultative protocols to identify the most effective products and strategies for each unique situation. For more information on the products and services available from, visit or use URL

Address: 101 Progressive Drive, Etna, OH 43062
Phone: 800-876-1312
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