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Floor matting solutions industry leader has announced a selection of products able to meet the floor matting needs of assisted living facilities. The variety of products offered by to managers and residents of assisted living facilities are designed to be incorporated throughout many different areas of a facility.

One type of floor matting solution for assisted living facilities is an outdoor heated mat. Outdoor heated mats melt the ice and snow that can accumulate around the entryway to an assisted living facility, which makes it safer for seniors to enter and exit the building. Their year-round outdoor carpet was developed specifically for the Cleveland Clinic. is now offering the entrance mat to all clients, including assisted living facilities. In addition to melting snow in the entryway, the product has the added benefit of drying footwear and thus protecting the indoor carpet and flooring from water damage. The energy-efficient mat provides value across all seasons, as it also captures dirt in the warmer months. When installing the heated mats, the floor matting company is able to mechanically anchor the four corners of the mat to prevent instability during storms and to stop theft.

The heated mat provided by continues to be successfully used at Cleveland Clinic; their Director of Environmental Services observes, “The custom dual-mat solution of heated mats on the outside and water-grabbing mats on the inside creates a system that gives patients, visitors and staff at the Clinic a safe surface to walk on or maneuver a wheelchair.”

Other types of floor matting product that has implemented into assisted living facilities include heated, portable rug systems and bath mats. The heated, portable rug systems can help create warmer environments in specific areas of the facility. Of their bath mat products, the floor matting solutions company notes their ability to provide “durable, soft-textured anti-slip bath mats facilitating elderly residents in navigating shower and tub areas safely.” Further details can be found at

For over 60 years, has provided floor matting products and customized floor matting solutions for a diverse group of industrial, commercial, governmental and individual clients, including the U.S. Coast Guard. More can be read about providing solutions for the Coast Guard at

They focus on improving the cleanliness, health, comfort & convenience, productivity and safety of each client they work with. To learn more about the products offered by, or to inquire about their consultative services that can help identify the floor matting needs of a specific environment, the company may be contacted using the contact information below.

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