Leading provider of innovative vaping solutions, FLYTLAB, launches its new compact vaporizer – The FLYT STIK
FLYTLAB is a U.S lifestyle vaporizer company that is poised with offering an unprecedented vaping experience to its customers. In line with the company’s goal of providing an affordable and effective handheld vaporizer for everyone from the entry-level user to the true cannabis oil / CBD crystal isolate connoisseur, FLYTLAB has launched the fantastic FLYT STIK.

The vaping industry across the globe has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times and the market in the United States has contributed immensely to the figures coming out for the industry. Over the years, several brands have developed a wide range of vaping solutions such as vaporizers and accessories to ensure that consumers get the best possible experience. One company that is looking to set the standard in the United States and other parts of the world by providing customer-centric products to consumers is FLYTLAB. The company’s FLYT STIK further substantiates this claim as the product continues to receive accolades from different quarters.

The FLYT STIK comes with fantastic features that give users the ultimate vaping experience. The product comes with interchangeable “Ceramic Slab” and “Dual-Coil Quartz” heating chambers that are twice the size of a standard chamber, allowing for maximum capacity and efficiency. Some other key features of four distinct temperature settings and the unique “FLYT” mode, a quick and easy thread-free design for Smart One-Button Control, and an Auto-Shutoff Feature for optimum safety and efficiency.

Each pack of the FLYT STIK includes FLYTLAB FLYT ST!K Vaporizer, FLYTLAB Travel Bag, Ceramic Slab Atomizer, Multipurpose Dab Tool, Dual Quartz Atomizer, FLYT Enamel Hat Pin, Micro USB Charge Cord & Dock, and FLYTLAB Stickers. The comprehensiveness and quality of the product make it a one-stop vaping solution to users.

The FLYT STIK has already started to garner reviews from different stakeholders in the vaping industry with the popular review platform, Beard Bros, rating it 10 in the area of Functionality & Ease of Use.

For more information about the FLYT STIK and other amazing vaping solutions from FLYTLAB, please visit - https://flytlab.com. FLYTLAB is also across several social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

FLYTLAB is a leading providing of state-of-the-art vaping solutions, including premium quality yet affordable vaping products and accessories. The company’s goal is to make vaping as enjoyable as possible without requiring customers to break the bank.

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