Hair loss is one of those unfortunate realities of life that most people have to contend with. Indeed, severe baldness has often been reported to ruin self-esteem and self-confidence; factors that can eventually affect one’s social life.

There are many potential causes of hair loss including stress, pre-existing medical conditions, hormonal changes, hereditary thinning and medications. According to the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), approximately 56 million adults suffer from hair loss. Past trends show that these numbers have been increasing year-after-year especially due to changing lifestyles and environmental condition.

In light of these worrying statistics, one organization has launched a hair loss treatment product dubbed Foligen . According to the manufacturer’s website, Foligen is a professional hair loss supplement that encourages growth of thicker, stronger and healthier hair for people in early phases of hair loss.

The supplement is claimed to work by supplying the body with essential nutrients needed in order to get healthier hair. This aids the body in overcoming the nutrition gap that tends to hold the scalp back from obtaining thicker hair strands.

What however seems to make this product unique is the fact that its ingredient’s list exclusively comprises of natural products. It is rare for hair loss products to be entirely based on non-synthetic ingredients.

Being an all-natural product seems to have worked in favor of this brand especially among vegan and health conscious individuals. There are also many authority publications that have cited the benefits of Using Foligen

The product, which is manufactured in the USA under strict GMP certifications, aims to tackle baldness by addressing some of its root causes. Its rising popularity is partly attributed to its ability to restore youthful looks in a matter of days. And though more scientific research may still need to be done to ascertain its long-term effects, some experts laud its conservative yet effective methodology.

Benefits of Foligen

According a Foligen review done by the official ClickReviewz™website at , the main benefit of the product is the ability to slow down hair loss and promote natural hair growth. This is achieved via the numerous natural and effective ingredients that make up the product. It may also improve the hair texture and feel with consistent usage.

The fact that it is made from natural ingredients with no additives or chemicals makes it generally safe although children and expectant women are advised against using it. Aside from that, this product may lead to better growth of nails owing to the fact that it boosts production of keratin – a biological element that supports hair and nail growth.

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