For Women’s Health Inc. has started an 72% off promotion on Amazon for their coconut oil capsules. Their regular price is $34.99 and with this coupon code GTF9ZWBF, people who want to increase their health, can buy it for only $9.99.

To access their discount page people can use this link

Their coconut oil capsules are 100% organic and were manufactured in an FDA approved facility from USA and ARE made from unrefined extra virgin coconut oil.

Taking 4-6 capsules per day is great for health as it reduces the effect of aging and makes the skin, nails and hair look healthier and younger.

Another great benefit of taking coconut oil pills is the fact that the fat from these pills is instantly converted into energy, so people who take them, feel a boost of vitality and the fact that their metabolism gets faster.

Long term consumption of coconut oil capsules can lead to loss of belly fat, at least this is what over 300 studies done on over 100.000 people have shown.

Other studies have shown that taking 4-6 capsules per day of coconut oil can reduce blood sugar in diabetics with up to 10%, so people who are taking insulin shots can easily benefit from this sale.

The sale is live in this link and the coupon code to use on the checkout page to get 72% off and get a bottle with 120 sogtgels for $9.99 is GTF9ZWBF.

About us: For Women’s Health is a distributor for many high quality natural supplements including organic coconut oil softgels.

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