For Women’s Health Inc. has just launched a new promotion on Amazon for their Glucomannan natural appetite suppressant.

Their Glucomannan is already on a 50% sale, however by using the coupon code QVLEF4K6, women who struggle controlling their appetite and food cravings, can get an additional 20% off, getting the final price of only $15.99, when the regular price is $39.99.

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Many people, especially women struggle with cravings for foods that make them fat and this is the number one reason why they struggle with their weight.

The reality is that a new study from a top university in USA claims that 60% of the women in US eat on average 300 calories per day more than what their body needs. This translates into almost 10.000 calories per month that transform into body fat.

And since overeating is the main reason why over 60% of adult women are overweight, a simple way to prevent this, is to take a natural appetite suppressant that reduces appetite and food cravings in a safe way, while at the same time provides a few amazing health benefits.

The only dietary supplement that follows this criteria is called Glucomannan and it is made from konjac root powder.

It is 100% natural, and by taking 2-3 capsules 30 minutes before meals, thousands of women across US have been able to follow a weight loss diet plan easier and see results without having to struggle.

Konjac root powder is a fiber that expands in the stomach, leading to long term feelings of satiety. It also reduces constipation, increases digestive health even helps reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels in diabetics.

An amazing blend of natural Glucomannan made from konjac root powder can be found on amazon and for a limited time can be bought with a 70% discount by using the code QVLEF4K6 .after accessing the link

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