For Women’s Health Inc. has launched a new supplement for losing up to 3 pounds per week.

Their new supplement is called Glucomannan Konjac Root Weight Loss Capsules and most of their clients who have been taking then 30 minutes before their meals, have lost up to 3 pounds per week without diet or exercise.

Their new glucomannan weight loss supplements are on sale on Amazon and can be purchased with 50% off on this page

This weight loss supplement is 100% natural and contains only konjac root powder and the veggie capsule. If taken with a big glass of water, the konjac root powder expands in the stomach and reduces appetite.

Because it is also high in fiber, konjac root powder increases metabolism and the digestion process.

The people who have been taking them, were able to reduce their calorie intake with up to 500 calories a day and had more energy throughout the day.

Because their konjac root supplement has been recently launched on Amazon and not too many people have had the chance to review the product, for Women’s Health has started a new 50% off sale for it.

So far their weight loss supplement has only 5 stars reviews, and because of this For Women’s Health has increase their money back guarantee to 120 days.

The general manager, Samantha has recently declared in an interview that they are 100% sure that every person who takes their konjac root weight loss supplement will love it and will lose weight without effort.

People who want to increase their health & lose weight effortlessly can check their product page for more details

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