For Womens Health Inc. has launched their natural no calorie sweetener syrup on amazon. Their no sugar syrup is 100% natural and contains only pure yacon syrup.

It was created for the people who want to lose weight and reduce their sugar and calorie intake, while enjoying a sweet taste in their coffee or desserts.

It is safe for diabetics and for people with blood sugar problems.

Even though they are selling each bottle for $39.99, for a limited time, people who want to increase their health, can get it with $19.95 on this page

Because each serving has less than 10 calories it is considered a no calorie sweetener.

Their yacon syrup is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and each bottle contains 8 OZ of yacon syrup, the equivalent of 46 servings.

Each serving is a table spoon of yacon syrup, and even though it is sweeter than sugar and tastes much better, each serving contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates, which is 4 times less than a regular table spoon of sugar.

Many clinical tests have proved that taking up to 3 table spoons of yacon syrup per day does not increase blood sugar and increases metabolism with up to 15%.

Yacon syrup has many health benefits. It reduces cravings for sweets and carbs, it increases digestive health, strengthen the immune system and brain function. .

Because yacon syrup contains fiber, it is also used in treating constipation.

People who are interested in increasing their health, can purchase the yacon no calorie sweetener for less than $0.50 per serving through this link

About us: For Women’s Health is supplements distributor selling an Amazon. Their mission is to help their clients live a healthier life.

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