According to and Zillow’s 2017 Cost of Living Report, it costs an average of about $9,073 more each year for a U.S. family to live in the city as opposed to the suburbs. According to Waypoint Realty, that is only one of the reasons more families are migrating to the suburbs.

“The U.S. Census Bureau says that American cities are home to 62.7% of the population but comprise 3.5% of the total land area,” said Jenelle Ferrer, President of Waypoint Realty based in Oviedo, Florida. “You add that to the fact that reports that homes in urban neighborhoods are listed at significantly higher prices ($431,000) than in the suburbs ($230,000), and it gives homebuyers many reasons to consider suburban life.”

Ferrer says there are four major reasons that suburban migration is becoming more popular:

1 — Closer than you think — many think that the suburbs means long drives home and country living. The truth is that development is moving so fast that you can literally live miles from a downtown area and still be relatively secluded.

2 — It’s more affordable — as mentioned earlier, suburban homes can cost less than 50% of the selling prices of a comparable home in an urban area.

3 — Quiet and peaceful — most areas outside metropolitan areas still have room to “stretch your legs.” Fortunately, today’s land use planners are including areas for parks, trails and nature preserves.

4 — Better quality of life — from schools to new home developments to state-of-the-art master planning, suburban living can offer an improved quality of life.

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