From Foto is a free and easy to use service for creating collages of photos. To begin, select one of the many templates on the site. Among these templates you will sure find those that you will like. Then add your photos, and then create your own composition by dragging the items. Once the collage is finished, you can download it, and then you can share it with the world. Creating collages with our simple editor program is the fastest way to amazing results. You decide how your photo will look like. Feel free to trim, resize, or add effects to your discretion.

So, how to make a clip from photos with music on the From Foto website? First of all, you need to determine the theme for the clip. Your video can be dedicated to any memorable event - a wedding, an anniversary, etc. Or, for example, talk about your trip to the sea. Limitations in the choice of the topic does not exist, it all depends on your imagination and the availability of images. Now actually about the photos themselves. If you decide to make a clip from photos with music, select those pictures that best reflect the theme of your video. Photos should be high-quality, as with the further recording of video, their quality will inevitably get lost.

Quite an original idea of a clip from photos is to create a movie from sequentially taken pictures. With competent editing, the characters begin to move and literally come to life on the screen. It seems that you are watching a video camera recording, and not a slide show of photos. You can do such an experiment on the From Foto website. To do this, you will need to make a large number of pictures beforehand. And, as the professionals note, all movements and displacements of the object must be thought out in advance. If you want the movements to be smooth, use a multi-shot of nine frames per second.

If you are faced with the task, to make a clip of photos with music, think carefully about the storyline. After all, any clip is a whole story about an event or person. Do not forget that the audience should understand the plot of your clip, it is necessary that it is easily perceived and made a pleasant impression. Particular attention should be given to the choice of musical accompaniment. Music should match photos in meaning and create a special emotional background.

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