16, June 2017: The AAA reported over 59,201 people got locked out of their vehicles in 2015. This was just a tally of drivers who are registered with AAA services and doesn't include everyone else.

Direct Locksmith in Anaheim is busy all year helping people unlock their cars across the city. On many occasions, Direct Locksmith has ended up saving the life of a pet that’s stuck in a car. Unfortunately, sometimes it might have been too late to escape fate. These cases can be prevented.

There are no official statistics that indicate how many animals die due to heatstroke, but estimates reveal over a hundred pet deaths during the Summer months. Unknowingly, pets get stuck inside a car for a long time, and by the time people figure a way to get them out, it’s already late. Far too many animals have suffered this painful yet slow death every year.

As part of their locksmith services Direct Locksmith has now announced that they will be providing free pet lock out services to anyone who calls their company. Israel the owner of Direct Locksmith said in a statement the other day that he will be assisting residents on an emergency bases, “Our new pet rescue services are offered on an emergency bases for free. This means that anytime that someone calls because their pet has been locked inside of a vehicle we will drop what we are doing and arrive to the location in less than 30 minutes. It is our way of giving back to the community of Anaheim”.

According to Israel, “If we have the ability to save the lives of pets and we don’t do anything about it, well that is just criminal in my mind.” These free services are offered 24 hours a day by calling their phone number listed on their website.

Direct Locksmith has been with the Anaheim community since 2004 and offers a variety of automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. Their locksmiths are well trained specializing in certified locksmith services so they can handle nearly every problem. Interested parties are invited to learn more about their services by visiting their website: http://directlocksmithanaheim.com

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