For people looking for an easy way to stream live television, there may be a solution. A company called Stream TV is now offering a free service which allows people to live-stream their favourite programmes from more than 500 channels directly to their devices without having to go through the hassle of finding individual streams through a browser. The people behind the service hope that it will provide users with greater convenience, especially if they live overseas.

The way the system works is straightforward. Stream TV collects live streams from channels all over the world and then aggregates them on its website. Users are then able to log onto the site for free (without having to enter any personal information) and watch channels at their leisure. Because the service is based entirely online, live TV can be streamed to any device, including PC, tablets and smartphones. In addition, if users have Chromecast, they can stream live TV feeds from their electronic devices to their TV, just like they were watching regular television.

Stream TV provides a host of useful features designed to help people find the content they want to watch. The site is organised into sections in a logical and clear manner. Users can search for the channel they want using the new channel search feature and can browse television stations by category. Categories include TV stations which air action films, shows about animals, celebrity gossip, documentaries, fashion, film, food, motoring, news, shopping and more. Not only does the service stream the full complement of UK TV channels, but it also provides live streams of channels around the world, including television channels from the US, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many others. Stream TV claims that it is a great resource for people wanting to learn a foreign language. With its streaming service, users are able to immerse themselves in French, Italian, Spanish or German television programmes, enhance their vocabulary and hone their listening skills.

In addition to UK terrestrial television channels like BBC1, BBC2, BBC News, BBC Parliament, BBC4, ITV and Channel 4, Stream TV also provides access to some of the most famous American and European stations. Through the site, users are able to access the news channel CNN, the Disney Channel, the sports channel ESPN Fuel, CBS, Fox, RAI and FRANCE, as well as many more.

Stream TV claims that there are no catches to its free TV streaming service. People don’t have to sign up or log in to receive its services, and there are no set-top boxes or hardware requirements. Instead, the service directly integrates with the existing device ecosystem, allowing people to use their devices to stream live television just as they would any other live video feed.

Stream TV maintains a Twitter account where it keeps people up to date on the latest programming over the 500-plus channels it administers.

Those who are interested in streaming UK and international television channels to their devices should visit Stream TV at

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